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Please email to request a copy of our registration form

The following information has been reproduced from our registration packet:


To enroll in dance class you must fill out and sign our registration form and return it to Blue Elephant Theater. You may scan and email the form to, or turn it in at the school in our envelope or box. Only scans are accepted, photographs not accepted. The date on this form does not always reflect the class start date. Blue Elephant Theater may also bill for previous classes attended by your child, however you may dispute any charges if you didn't intend your child to be present.


By signing our registration form, you have formally enrolled your child in dance class. This means that your child will be included in class starting from the date on the form onward, unless you otherwise communicate with Blue Elephant Children’s Theater.



Most of our programs are held year round, so we do not have an official end date. For this reason, you must inform us when dropping, otherwise your child will remain enrolled. To drop the class, you must send an email with the student's name, school name, and drop date to If you have not done so, you may still be billed for class even if your child is no longer attending.


Blue Elephant Theater Co. is an independent organization, not affiliated with your child’s school. Any questions, messages, or changes in enrollment must be communicated to Blue Elephant Theater. Changes in enrollment must be communicated via email. Messages left with the school are not passed on to Blue Elephant Theater -- so please, contact us directly!


Dance classes are held once a week at your student’s school and include various styles of dance. Please try to dress your student in comfortable and fitted clothing during her/his dance class day. 


Blue Elephant Theater Company’s Annual Dance Recital will occur in May or June; exact date and time will be announced April. All participants will pay a $25 recital fee. This fee covers dancer's participation in the recital, and admission for all family and friends.


Blue Elephant Children’s Theater tuition is a flat monthly fee of $50/month for one student, + $40/month per additional sibling. The price is based on a 4 week month; therefore months that have 5 classes make up for the months that only have 3 classes. Payment is due within two weeks of start date. If payment is past due, the student will be asked to sit out of class until the account is made current. We do not refund classes missed due to late payment.

Blue Elephant Children’s Theater tuition price is a flat monthly rate. Blue Elephant Theater does not conduct dance classes on school holidays and does not prorate tuition for such breaks. Blue Elephant Children’s Theater does not prorate tuition for classes missed for personal reasons (i.e. illness, vacation, etc.) The first month of dance classes is the only prorated month based on the free trial date. Payments are due within two weeks of start date.


For more information on payments, or to make a payment, select "payments" in the menu above. 


$50/Month – One Student

$90/Month – Two Siblings

$130 - Three Siblings


One Student

September - December $50/month x 4 months = $200

January - June $50/month x 6 months = $300

July - August $50/month x 3 months = $100


Two Siblings

September - December $90/month x 4 months = $360

January - June $90/month x 6 months = $540

July - August $90/month x 3 months = $180


If you decide you wish to drop the class before the semester is over, let us know in an email, and the remaining balance of the payment will be refunded to you. If you are signing up part way through the semester, we will refund part of your payment based on your start date. Semester payments can be made via PayPal to or by check. Check payments should be made out to Blue Elephant Theater, and can be dropped at the school, or mailed to Blue Elephant Theater 731 Myrtle Street, Redwood City CA 94061.


Blue Elephant Theater Co. reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to students for nonpayment of tuition, and/or any inappropriate or disruptive behavior by the students, siblings, or parents/guardians that is deemed detrimental to dance class, its staff or instructors.

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