Automatic Payments

When you sign up for automatic payments you are agreeing to pay $50 every month. You can cancel these payments at any time, for any reason. You can cancel them yourself, or let us know and we will cancel them for you. Once the payment profile has been canceled, it will not collect anymore.


If you are signing up partway through the month, let us know and we will refund part of your first payment to reflect your start date.

Set up recurring payments with PayPal

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One-Time Payments

Pay by the semester, with check or PayPal

If you would like to pay by semester, it is your responsibility to make the payment within two weeks of your child's start date. We do not invoice or send out reminders. Without payment within two weeks of start date, the student will be asked to sit out from the class. We do not refund classes missed due to late payment.

Pay By Check

Make checks payable to

Blue Elephant Children's Theater

Drop them in our envelope or box at the school,

or mail to:


Blue Elephant Theater

731 Myrtle Street

Redwood City, CA


Pay with PayPal

Not dancing a full semester? No problem! Let us know, and your payment will be partially refunded based on your class start date and/or end date. 

Individual missed classes due to vacation, illness, or school holiday will not be refunded.