We provide a sleek package of material, music, choreography, and instruction. Our original musicals are age-appropriate and feature singing, dancing, and drama. Using our works alone can save your theater department thousands of dollars in licensing fees.



It's no secret that theater programs have been cut nationwide due to lack of funding. We at Blue Elephant Theater are passionate about working with schools to bring musical theater programs back into the education system. Blue Elephant Children's Theater will work with your school's theater department to maximize the benefit to students and reach your program's full potential. We are flexible and easy to work with and we will tailor our program to your school's needs.



Dance, song, and games are fantastic tools for teaching academics -- they improve concentration, comprehension and academic success. Theater, especially, has been shown as an effective method of improving language skills and memory. Plus getting children on their feet and active after school is a fun way to get healthy!

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Our mission is to provide an inclusive program in a supportive environment that promotes team-building and complete tolerance for fellow performers, while improving academic success and increasing physical activity.


This is an experience every child can participate in: every kid gets a part! Unlike other theater companies that are limited by the material they use, our plays are specially designed for a large, all-inclusive cast. Every student is engaged, no one gets left out or stuck in the ensemble.


Blue Elephant Children’s Theater is committed to keeping the theater experience positive, accepting, and supportive, while encouraging peaceful friendships and teamwork. This allows students to explore their creativity free from judgment and criticism.





For every 10 students who enroll, Blue Elephant will award a scholarship to completely cover the tuition of one exemplary student.


We ask your faculty members to anonymously nominate any student they think would benefit from this program, for any reason. We recommend nominating students who have been identified as at-risk based on financial need, emotional need, or academic need, as well as students who have a clear passion for the visual & performing arts.



Typical classes meet once a week during the school year. But we are flexible! Choose any day, time, and program length that fits your schedule.


Comparable after-school theater programs cost $30/two-hour class, don't include a performance, and don't offer parents the convenience of being on-site at your school. We can bring a one hour class to you, once or twice a week, starting at $10 a class.



The moment we've all been working towards: costumes, stage, lights, curtain! Blue Elephant Theater backs a full stage production. We provide costumes, props, and sets. Ticket prices will be minimal: set to cover the venue and equipment rentals (if any.) The PTA is encouraged to provide concessions at the performance as a fundraiser.


Blue Elephant also offers professional photography and videography packages, available for parents after the season is over. Videography is something other theater companies cannot do, because of copyright laws restricting video recordings of licensed productions.



Blue Elephant Children's Theater handles payment with parents individually. 20% of the class fee will be donated to your PTA with no extra work or commitment required. We won't lock you into any contracts.


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